Founder & CEO

Jamika Hogan

Jamika Hogan is a Pittsburgh native. Growing up, Jamika struggled with her weight and when she became an adult, she knew she wanted to conquer her fears of losing weight but didn’t know where to begin due to lack of resources and services. It wasn’t until she became a student at Point Park University, where she had set her fears to the side and started her fitness journey. After learning that Point Park offered students access to a gym with a free personal trainer, she decided to sign up for sessions with the Personal Trainer. Working out twice a week, it wasn’t an easy task for Jamika, but she was determined to lose the weight and maintain a much healthier lifestyle. There were times when she wanted to give up, but she kept pushing. Within the first few months, Jamika started to see the results, which kept her motivated to keep eating healthier and working out. When Jamika’s Personal Trainer had informed her that she was leaving Point Park University, she made a decision to follow her to a new gym to continue to maintain her new, healthy lifestyle. But, once her Personal Trainer had left the new gym within a month, an almost defeated Jamika didn’t know where to turn to until the owner of the gym decided to take her under his wing and trained with her. Within a little over year, Jamika had loss over 105 pounds! With her confidence boosted and her physique finally where she wanted it to be, Jamika never felt better in her life! Her new trainer had taught her more about fitness, introduced her to a healthy nutrition diet, in which she now learned to maintain throughout her workouts, as well. She continued to train with him throughout the years and developed a passion for fitness. With her new passion for fitness, it then evolved into a passion to work with youth as well. So, Jamika decided to apply for a position with the Department of Human Services. Often when we think of fitness and nutrition, we don’t think how our youth can benefit.  Many youths suffer from obesity, low-self-esteem, anger issues and many other things. This position helped her realize how important fitness and nutrition is not only for adults but for the youth as well. So, she decided to start her own business, named YouFit, which will provide the services and resources that our youth are lacking. Jamika’s program will provide therapeutic services that helps build character and confidence. With hard work and dedication, a new you is possible but most importantly, YouFit!

Put. In. The. Work.

Don't let fear of failure get in your way.

It's the challenging workouts that test your limits.